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Individual coaching can quickly target the needs and challenges of a person, by defining a realistic and measurable action plan. This plan gets the person to experiment with new practices in their professional activities and adjust the situation over time.

The Laporte Group provides executive coaching, communication, and management team services, as well as for those facing difficult situations.


Depending on your needs and following a rigorous assessment, we offer you our consulting expertise. Of variable duration, our consulting services are designed to optimize business processes and the performance of the team.

Our goal: to give you our knowledge and experience so you no longer need us!

Laporte group offers a service advisory committee, in which you benefit from the multidisciplinary assessment of three associates, Jean Laporte, Jean-François Brault and Kathryn Peterson.

Over 80 years of experience to tell you what is facing your business.

Conférences and Training

Training is a key element of business strategy.

In the business world today, the development of skills provides an undeniable competitive advantage for organizations that choose their subjects and their trainers carefully.

We present several themes: change management, difficult personalities, how to respond better to stress, and presentation and communication skills.

We are experienced communicators, at ease with small, medium or large groups.

Our experience is at your service.

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