Kathryn Peterson | VP Communications and Human Strategy

Kathryn Peterson
VP Communications and Human Strategy

Mrs Peterson is recognized for her experience and dynamic approach during training, conference and coaching. Improving interpersonal relationships at work, effective communication strategies and presentation coaching are among her areas of expertise.

Her conferences, training programs and workshops are designed to improve teamwork, productivity and communication processes. To achieve this, she uses proven and present programs known worldwide: High Performance Presentations ™, Think on Your Feet®, Passionworks ™, for which she holds the required accreditations.

Author of the book DARE with those that complicate our lives, she regularly gives lectures and training on the subject of difficult personalities. Her goal: to help people to de-dramatize and provide them with effective strategies. She proves that even tough important subjects can be treated lightly, they may give serious results.

Mrs Peterson has conducted sessions with major companies throughout Quebec, Canada and the United States. Perfectly bilingual, customers note her ability to convey the material in an entertaining way and achieve the desired results of the participants following the training and coaching sessions.


  • Effective Teams
  • Difficult personalities


  • Communication Strategies
  • Introductions
  • SOS Coaching (difficult situations)


  • SOS difficult personalities
  • Stress: to know and act
  • Commitment beyond work passion

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